Quick Reference for DeWeese Ditch

Shareholders should be aware of the following board policies:

  1.  The ditch company is responsible only for the main ditches.  Laterals are the responsibility of the shareholders on that lateral, including maintenance, repairs and replacement.
  2. Pumping directly from the main ditch or lateral is prohibited.
  3. New head-gates, new sumps or alteration of these much be approved by the Board.  Contact the ditch superintendent prior to any changes. 
  4. Trees and bushes should not be planted on the ditch easement, and volunteer plans must be removed.  All vegetation that impedes water flow must be removed by the land owner on either side of the ditch prior to irrigation turn-on date.
  5. Shareholders should not over-irrigate or leave irrigation unattended.  Shareholders should also cooperate with their neighbors who are on the same lateral to insure that all get water.
  6. During the annual ditch cleaning, members should cooperate with the ditch superintendent and his crew.  Shareholders should clean their laterals at this time.
If you need to contact the ditch company, write to the Board at PO Box 759, Canon City, CO  81215; or email:  deweeseditch@hotmail.com

For billing questions, change of address, or change of status call Annette Reed-Pugh, Secretary/Treasurer at 719-275-8495  Shareholders are invoiced in January of each year.