In a normal year, water is delivered to one of the divisions every day.  On Sundays, we only take our direct flow to top off the reservoirs to start another week.  It is a complicated system which requires the installation/removal of a system of bulkheads and opening/closing head gates on a daily basis in order to direct the flow to the proper areas for the day.  This requires the ditch rider to start work before 6am and finish the day after 6 pm.

Your property may be served by one or more divisions, depending on size and location.  Normal water availability for the three divisions are:

  • Division One:         Monday and Thursday  
  • Division Two:         Tuesday and Friday
  • Division Three:       Wednesday and Saturday 


On the Maps below, red indicates pipe, blue indicates an open ditch, green is a concrete ditch and black are access roads.  Click on a map for an enlarged view.

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

In the past, there was never enough water to irrigate all of the land at one time. Farmers would water part of their field each watering day, and in some cases it would take 3 ½ weeks to completely irrigate the property.  Now with subdivisions and smaller proprieties, expectation are “water should be available when I want it”.  You must work with your neighbors as a group, to make sure each shareholder gets his allocated share of water.